Gulf Islands Roasting Co. has carefully created these delicious roasts and blends using the finest Arabica coffee grown on our farm. Freshly roasted from our organic facility, all of our coffees are 100% organic, canopy grown, sport numerous certifications and purchased by the direct trade method; did we mention it’s delicious?


Medium Roast

A gentle breeze flows over, bringing a hint of pine with the fresh sea air, as you greet a spectacular morning from the deck of your boat. The polished wood of the deck sways ever so lightly beneath your feet, the harbour still and smooth as glass in every direction. While you take in the sounds of nature and the feeling of complete freedom, you take your first sip of a mellow roast. It’s crisp, but smooth and rich. The nutty taste of macadamia lingers ever so slightly. You can’t wait to get to the bottom of your cup… or to see what your day on the islands still has in store. That’s the spirit of Montague Medium Roast, brewed for those who want to feel the spirit of the islands in a coffee with a full, refreshing taste and even finish.


Medium Dark

Surrounded by a windswept landscape of flawless white sand and long blades of grass swaying in the breeze, you watch as the tide slowly crawls to your feet. Each wave welcoming you into a postcard paradise where you’re free to enjoy a carefree day. In your hand is a cup of coffee that’s both bold and mellow, the perfect blend of premium-roasted dark and medium beans. Each sip is as rich and smooth as the last, and a sense of contentment overtakes you. With a beach blanket below your feet, and a white shoreline in view for miles, the harbour becomes your personal sanctuary. It can take a long journey to arrive at perfection. Tribute Bay Blend is the coffee for those who want the best of a dark roast with medium undertones and won’t settle for anything less.


Dark Roast

As you motor away from the shore, you feel the crisp ocean spray falling back against you. The wind picks up, and you can feel the sea bouncing with anticipation. On the horizon are clouds that could bring rain, or wear away in the afternoon sun. You draw a sip of a strong, hearty cup of coffee that features bright notes and a bold, deep flavour. Just one smell of the dark brew tells you it’s full of the energy and confidence you need. Your mug in hand, you turn your attention to the exciting journey ahead, and set your course for Desolation Sound. This coffee is for those who refuse to compromise, and want a bold, rich taste with the smooth blends they’ve come to expect from premium roasts.



It’s the end of a long day, finished with a fine home-cooked meal. As you settle into your favourite easy chair, ready to unwind for the evening, you feel a craving for a rich after-dinner brew. But, isn’t it too late for another cup of coffee? With Denman Island Decaf, it’s never a bad time for a rich, mellow cup. It has the robust flavour you would expect from a premium organic dark roast, and is decaffeinated using the Swiss water process to avoid chemicals and preserve every ounce of flavour. Enjoy the best, any time of the day, with this Gulf Island favourite.


Espresso Whole Bean

Pushing through a calm stretch of water, you slowly ease your boat to an old dock. Tied up nearby are nearly a dozen others, and familiar faces excited for the day of celebration to come. Sipping on an espresso with sweet undertones and a pleasant mocha finish, you can’t help but smile at the thought of being brought into this invitation-only party. Inspired by a beautiful day spent at an island lamb roast with great friends and live music, Winter Cove Espresso is the perfect coffee to gear up for any event. Just like that exclusive invite, it’s reserved for those who understand why good taste is everything.