COLD BREW ORGANIC COFFEE Brewed in filtered spring water and cold steeped using the latest technology in cold brew manufacturing, bringing the best Organic Nitro Brew on the market
Expertly Brewed Sourcing Made with a custom blend of
our most premium organic
and direct sourced beans
which directly supports the farmers and their local communities
Nitrogen infused for a silky rich texture and a taste that will leave you craving another. Best served cold and with a few shakes of the can before pouring into your favorite mug or pint glass Nitro Infused No extra additives, sugar or dairy
but does mix well with cream, almond milk, sugar or anything else you would enjoy in your regular cup of coffee
Simply Delicious


Our Venture was born in 2009, when a group of Vancouver Island residents came together with a shared passion: to create a coffee that could live up to our lifestyle, and a locally-owned company that supports its values.

We know that the right cup of coffee isn't just about starting your day on a high note, it's about savouring all there is to enjoy in the Pacific Northwest.

Our blends are designed to bring you abck to the leisurely mornings spent on a baot, the thrill of going into the open water, and the satisfation of having the perfect drink in-hand to face any new challenge.